Planning to Study Abroad

EHS offers a number of study abroad options in both Winter and Summer Terms.

EHS Winter Term

EHS Summer Term



Semester-Long Study Abroad

Each fall, spring, and summer semester over 100 Miami students travel to Luxembourg to attend classes at the John Dolibois European Center (MUDEC) – many of these from the College of Education, Health and Society. In addition to the multiple courses that can be used to satisfy Miami Plan requirements, EHS students also have the opportunity to work in the European International School in Differdange, earning independent study credit and gaining valuable cross-cultural experience in their major field of study. When considering this option, please be sure to work closely with your academic advisor.

International Student Teaching

By teaching abroad, Miami pre-service candidates can broaden their horizons by gaining an increased understanding of cultural differences, compare and contrast schools abroad with those in the United States, and gain confidence in their teaching abilities. It can also be a great way to demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness that will impress future employers. There are currently two student teaching abroad options -- Luxembourg for 8 weeks during the fall semester and Taiwan for 7-weeks during the spring semester. 

Questions? Email Dr. Jim Shiveley at shiveljm@MiamiOHedu

Students should register for International Student Teaching in the EHS Field Office during the fall of their third year.